Have a safe and wonderful New Year!
  Welcome 2013!

This is becoming a tradition, to go to Kokomo Glass Co. every September for their Fall 20% sale.  I so look forward to digging thru all the beautiful glass in their warehouse.  I bought 45 roundels, 27 glass head/ends a bit of scrap glass, and some full sheets of glass (32″x32″).   John O’Donnell the Chief Executive Officer,  and  Cindy Locke who leads the team at the retail store The Op Shop had brought out 5pcs. of awesome glass to show me that were just finished being made.  OMG the color was incredible!  I bought all  5 of them and guess what?  They were still warm!  Now that’s freshhhhhhhhhh!  Lol    🙂 🙂 🙂   This was again a wonderful experience hand picking all my glass.   Thank you to everyone at Kokomo!

this is what the back of my vehicle looked like before I started to unload all my treasures.

this is what 45 roundels on your dining room table looks like 😉

glass head/ends after being washed/dried, now ready to be added to the workshop. Yesssssss!  🙂

SEE what I mean about ‘CoLoR’??????   Yummmmmmm

It was a picture perfect day yesterday at the Agora Art Fair in Fitchburg, WI……near Madison our capitol.  The event held 88 vendors, loads of people turned out, and it was a fantastic quality show!  Very well organized.  Once unloaded we needed to move our vehicles, so they had golf carts,  carting the vendors to/fro while setting up in the morning.  The pastries provided for the vendors in the morning during set-up were to die for!  I had this enormous pumpkin scone…YUMmmmmmmm!  🙂
This show was very well attended, and comments I heard from alot of customers were the quality of this show was superb.
This is a fairly new event, just a few years old, but alot of potential for it being a really well known and attended event.  The organizers certainly know what they are doing!  Well done.

Pretty exciting day for me,…I won 3rd place overall of the Art Festival!  Never expecting that!  🙂  🙂  🙂    I was awarded a beautifully made banner from the staff of the Art Center saying 3rd place, had my picture taken with a staff member, and even was awarded some $ with it, (more glass shopping  ;).  Other vendors congratulated me which is wonderful to have the comraderie of fellow vendors.
Had a brief downpour in the afternoon, but at least it wasn’t terribly windy, it came straight down and our canopies had a chance to dry out before everyone had to pack up.  There was blues music and jazz, good food, lots of people milling about, nice to chat with customers on how I made various pieces.
A really nice day, a really nice event, thanks to everyone who worked so hard at making this a great day, and everyone who turned out for the day.

Just received my confirmation today!    I am IN!  🙂  🙂  🙂  It is an awesome event!
Great quality, and a excellent variety of items for sale at this event.
It is a very well organized event, they have baked goods for sale, raffle items donated from the vendors, and lunch!  😉
This is just in time for the start of the holiday shopping season,
Hope to see you there  🙂

Date:  November 17th, 2012
Place: Kohler High School, in Kohler, WI
Time: 9:00am-4:00pm
Their website is,   www.craftfair.kohlerschoolfriends.com

Just received my notification I got accepted into Agora Art Festival!  Woo Hoo!  🙂  🙂  🙂  It is August 18th  http://www.agoraartfair.com/artists.htm  check it out!  They already have the artists listing for this year.  I am listed in the left column about 1/2 way down.  Looks like a great festival…..I am excited!  Hope to see you there.

Here is a textured tree branch piece that I fused w/2 pcs. of COE 96 glass then incorporated into this panel.  The soft amber surrounding the center pc. is Wissmach iridized which I have on the backside.  When you hold it up to the light, soft beautiful greens, pinks, and ambers show thru, which picks up in the skinny green strip, along with the brown in the frame.  Nice………  🙂  🙂  🙂

Received my acceptance letter into the Plymouth Fine Art Festival!  🙂  It is June 16th from 10am to 4pm in Plymouth right by the Art Center.  There will be great food and entertainment throughout the day.
Mark your calendars, this is a Saturday, and a great event!

before and after photos of cedar painted w/Glassline paint then fired under 2 pcs. of COE 96

Just sent in my CD with pictures of my glasswork, and a picture of booth set-up for the jurying process, along with my application.  The Plymouth Fine Art Festival is on June 16th, from 10:00am to 4:00pm.
Here is a link for the Art Center,  http://www.plymoutharts.org/fine_arts_events/festival_of_fine_arts/festival_of_fine_arts.html
The Art Center has recently been expanded and remodeled, they are having a Grand Opening Membership Exhibit, March 2 – June 1, 2012.

I was accepted last year into this Art Festival, and enjoyed the day so much!   It was a well run, and very organized Festival.   Starting out in the morning with the registration tent, the organizers were warm and personable.  It also helped that they had fresh pastries, and coffee, bottles of water etc.  🙂   The atmosphere was wonderful, this was a Art Festival and the customers were asking questions of me about how I made my glass pieces, what was all involved and  ‘how long did it take to make this’,….. is a common question I hear quite often.  😉